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Chemistry Essay

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Below is an essay on "Chemistry" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

1. Give the correct names for each of the compounds listed below.
a) NaCl sodium chloride
b) FrBr francium bromide
c) KF potassium fluoride
d) RaS radium sulfide
e) LiI lithium iodide
f) Li3N lithium nitride
g) AlBr3 aluminum bromide
h) CdCl2 cadmium chloride
i) K2O potassium oxide
j) InF3 indium fluoride
k) ZnO zinc oxide
l) Y2O3 yttrium oxide
m) CaTe calcium telluride
n) ZrS2 zirconium sulfide
o) AgI silver iodide
p) BaSe barium selenide
q) MgO magnesium oxide
r) LaBr3 lanthanum bromide
s) Sr3N2 strontium nitride
t) Cd3As2 cadmium arsenide
u) Rb2Se rubidium selenide
v) Rb3N rubidium nitride
w) BaF2 barium fluoride
x) ZrTe2 zirconium telluride
y) Cs3P cesium phosphide
z) Y2O3 yttrium oxide
2. Write the correct chemical formula for each of the following compounds.
a) potassium bromide KBr
b) zinc bromide ZnBr2
c) lithium iodide LiI
d) scandium chloride ScCl3
e) magnesium chloride MgCl2
f) magnesium oxide MgO
g) hydrogen sulfide H2S
h) gallium iodide GaI3
i) sodium oxide Na2O
j) magnesium selenide MgSe
k) calcium fluoride CaF2
l) aluminum oxide Al2O3
m) beryllium chloride BeCl2
n) potassium nitride K3N
o) aluminum bromide AlBr3
p) zinc phosphide Zn3P2
q) magnesium sulfide MgS
r) hafnium chloride HfCl4
s) barium sulfide BaS
t) tantalum oxide Ta2O5
u) zirconium nitride Zr3N4
v) potassium selenide K2Se
w) germanium fluoride GeF4
x) francium phosphide Fr3P
y) zinc arsenide Zn3As2
z) scandium telluride Sc2Te3Chemistry 11 – L. Farrell – Nomenclature – Answers – Page 2
3. Give the correct names for each of the compounds listed below.
a) CaSO4 calcium sulfate
b) Ca3(AsO4)2 calcium arsenate
c) NH4Cl ammonium chloride
d) Mg3(AsO3)2 magnesium arsenite
e) NaC2H3O2 sodium acetate
f) NaOCN sodium cyanate
g) Al2(SO4)3 aluminum sulfate

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