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Genesis Essay

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Below is an essay on "Genesis" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Genesis Ch.23-27

Sarah dies
After 120 years Sarah finally passed away. Abraham bought land, which had the cave of Machpelah and buried her there.

Servant gets Rebekah:
Abraham was kinda old and wanted his son Isaac to be married. So he had his servant “put [his] hand under [Abrahams] thigh” (Genesis 24:2) (loll….what? gross?) and make a promise that he will find a wife for Isaac from his homeland. No Canaanites allowed. And the servant asked if everything would be cool and work out and Abraham said yes.

Servant tries tofind The Right Girl
Servant left and said “let the girl whom I shall say, ‘please offer your jar that I may drink and who shall say ‘drink and I will water your camels” (Genesis 24:14) and that girl would be the one that he takes with him. Rebekah, a virgin, daughter of “ Bethuel son of Milcah, the wife of Nahor, Abrahams brother”(Genesis 24:15) she of course did (unknowingly) everything as the servant man had wanted so she turned out to be the one he brought back to Abraham/ Isaac. Even though the parents didn’t really want their daughter to leave yet, her willingness to leave so soon is significant in her amount of being obedient and wifey material.

Isaac wifes Rebekah
The servant brings Rebecca back for Isaac. She was not exactly the person he thought she was. (His stupidity and lack to really look at things to a close extent foreshadows hiss future blindness) Isaac immediately brought her into his mother’s tent (ewe she’s dead wtf) and had sex with her. Then she became his wife. Then he ‘loved’ her. And then this comforted him after his mom’s death (ewe w ewe w we w ewe w e ew)

*Abraham got a new wifey Keturah*

soonish after….

*Abraham dies*

Goes on and on about * Ishmaels descendents*

Esau and Jacob
Isaac and Rebekah had Twin sons, Esau and Jacob. Rebekah carried on the “favorite baron wife” tradition and was blessed by having these two children. When they were born Esau (the red hairy Elmo...

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