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Types of Variables; Guide for Ib Science Ia's Essay

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Below is an essay on "Types of Variables; Guide for Ib Science Ia's" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Types of variables:
* Control variable:
A variable that remains unchanged or held constant to prevent its effects on the outcome and therefore may verify the behavior of and the relationship between independent and dependent variables.
Control variables are important in scientific experiments to test the validity of the results. For instance, in anexperiment on Boyle's law, the temperature must be kept constant so that the outcome from the experimentcan be regarded as valid.
* Dependent variable:
(1) The variable in a functional relation whose value is dependent upon, or influenced by, an independent variable.
(2) A factor whose value changes when the independent variable is changed.
(3) The variable whose value is measured to determine the extent of the effect of another variable to it, as in an experiment.

An experiment is designed to see if a newly developed drug is effective in treating patients with cough. Some of the patients were given the drug while others theplacebo. To determine if the drug is effective, the recovery of patients taking the drug is monitored and compared against that of the patients taking the placebo. If the patients taking the drug are able to recover faster than the patients taking the placebo, it could mean that the drug is effective against cough. If patients taking the drugand the placebo have the same rate of recovery, the drug may not be an effective treatment for cough.
In this case, the dependent variable is the rate of recovery in patients with cough.

* experimental variable
* explained variable
* outcome variable
* measured variable
* observed variable
* output variable
* regressand
* responding variable
* response variable

* Independent variable
(1) The variable in a functional relation whose value is independent, or is not affected by other variables.
(2) The variable that is manipulated in an experiment.
(3) The factor that affects the value...

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