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Video Game Essay

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Below is a free excerpt of "Video Game Essay" from Anti Essays, your source for free research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Hadouken! This may look like gibberish to some, but any self-respecting gamer, that has picked up a controller in the last twenty years, knows exactly what that word means. It is the name of a move whose awesome power and brutal strength many have fallen victim to, and many others have harnessed to bring about certain victory against aspiring opponents. The Hadouken is the name of a move originated by a character named Ryu, in Capcom’s acclaimed, brawler-style franchise, Street Fighter. The game was originally released as an arcade-exclusive title. It originally sported genre-defining 16-bit graphics, with a dual player interface and monographic sound output. In the game’s inception, it was an instant hit, and is today considered an icon in its genre of video game. Today, this game can be found in its recently released, 20-year anniversary edition, Street Fighter 4. Today, the game boasts 720 to 1080p HD video output and theater-quality surround sound. It is still only for two players, but thanks to its internet-driven networking capabilities, not only do those players not need to be in the same room, they do not even have to be in the same country! It is only thanks to the next generation video game consoles the game was released on, that this masterpiece is even capable of doing the things that were only fantasies when the game was originally released.
Today, video games are an entire industry. Twenty years ago, state of the art gaming was cartridge-based and had around 70 kilobytes of file data and memory storage capacity. State of the art, nowadays, means unbelievable video and graphical output, amazing sound quality, and awesome storylines with enthralling characters. As video games are an industry, there are naturally leaders of this revolution. Three of these are Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. Each of these respective companies has strengths and weaknesses that make their products absolute necessities and staples of the gaming world.
First and foremost...

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