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Yoga for Stress Reduction Essay

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Below is an essay on "Yoga for Stress Reduction" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Yoga for Stress Reduction

Yoga's series of postures and controlled breathing exercises are a popular means of stress management and relaxation. With its quiet, precise movements, yoga draws your focus away from your busy, chaotic day and toward calm as you move your body through poses that require balance and concentration.
Seated spinal twist also known as half Lord of the Fishes

How to : Sit comfortably cross-legged. Inhale, bringing arms overhead and pressing palms together. As you exhale, twist to your left. Reach your left hand behind your back to the ground. Put your right hand on the outside of your left knee. Use it to leverage the twist to your left, taking your gaze over your left shoulder. Repeat on the right side.
Modifications: It's often difficult at first to get the torso snug against the inner thigh. Position yourself a foot or so away from a wall, with your back to the wall; the exact distance will depend on the length of your arms. Exhale into the twist and reach back for the wall. Your arm should be almost but not quite extended (make sure you aren't sitting too close to the wall, which will jam the shoulder). Push the wall away and move the front torso against the thigh.
Stimulates the liver and kidneys
Stretches the shoulders, hips, and neck
Energizes the spine
Stimulates the digestive fire in the belly
Relieves menstrual discomfort, fatigue, sciatica, and backache
Therapeutic for asthma and infertility
Traditional texts say that it increases appetite, and destroys most deadly diseases.

Contraindications and Cautions
Back or spine injury: Perform this pose only with the supervision of an experienced teacher.

Cobra Pose: Also called Bhujangasana

To do it: Lie stomach-down on the floor or yoga mat with your legs pressed together. Place your hands with your palms against the floor slightly below your shoulders, and slowly raise your upper body until your torso is...

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